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We are a non profit making station and rely on the generosity of the staff, listener's and small advertisers whom make donations to us

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About Dynamite Radio

Our Mission is seeing lives changed through music and Entertainment.
Internet radio:
Dynamite radio is a station broadcasting 24 hours a day on the internet from studios around the world. Dynamite Radio launched in the January of 2007.
Part of the innovative concept of Dynamite is the fact that it is available purely online. Securing a license to broadcast over the airwaves is exceptionally expensive – large amounts of traditional broadcasters' revenues are swallowed up by regulation. The beauty of the Internet is that it has always held dear the philosophy of the free exchange of information. While this freedom is abused so often with destructive content, we want to use the opportunity to provide good, wholesome programming to our listeners.

What is so different about Dynamite Radio?
The station is different for a number of reasons. Firstly, we are committed to broadcasting on the Internet. We believe the future lies on this platform as a new generation of Wi-Fi enabled devices become available. We have no plans or aspirations to broadcast on more traditional platforms that are highly regulated and expensive to operate on.
You say the Internet is the future, what about Digital radio then?
It is becoming increasingly apparent in the Radio industry that the future of the DAB digital radio format is uncertain. DAB was created using 1980's technology and cannot cope with the demands of a modern radio industry. DAB reception is of very poor quality in large parts of the UK and stations are forced to broadcast mono output. Upgrading the technology would, in all likelihood, cost vast sums and make obsolete existing DAB sets. A number of the UK's leading radio groups have withdrawn their stations and their commitment to DAB.
Can't we listen to your station's content elsewhere?
And isn't the programming a little heavy on the American side?
Of course, there will be some crossover with other stations with music and some of the artists being featured elsewhere. We do think however, we source programmes of very high quality so that any support given is not thrown down a black-hole of regulations and licensing.

Music Policy
There are a number of rules for Internet broadcasters which we have to follow. We cannot play more than two tracks back-to-back by the same artist, or more than three within an hour. There are also restrictions on the number of tracks we can play from the same album within a set time period. For this reason, you may find that if you use the "request" facility on this site, your song may not play for anything up to two hours.
We receive a large number of emails and CD's from independent recording artists, however due to a lack of time and resources we are unable to listen to all music sent to us, however do ask you do not give up as we do have an unsigned artist agreement for airplays of tracks we do manage to listen to.
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We are currently on the look out for a new chat room, whilst we sort this out please bare with us, we have temporarily re-opened the Paltalk Chat Room however we will be launching our own again soon

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